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Dear members of the Korean Society of Nephrology,

Over the past 40 years, the Korean Society of Nephrology (KSN) has achieved remarkable growth and has become a representative society in Korea. I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to serve for the KSN. I would like to share with you some goals that I have set to achieve during my term as the President of KSN, to best prepare for the next decade.

First, the KSN will create programs embracing diversity.
The number of membership of the KSN has increased to over 2000, but the multidisciplinary system has instead changed to a single-disciplinary system. In addition, a major portion of members have relocated from university hospitals to private clinics or hospitals. It is time to widen the spectrum of nephrology and pursue policies for nephrologists at private clinics and hospitals.

Second, the KSN will work to provide a stable and comfortable working environment for members.
Presently, one of four hemodialysis clinics in Korea do not have a dialysis specialist, and only 35% of all dialysis patients are being treated at clinics or hospitals with dialysis unit certification. The KSN will organize the authorization of the dialysis specialist system and dialysis unit certification system.

Third, the KSN will complete the globalization of the annual meeting and kidney research clinical practice (KRCP).
It has been 4 years since KSN's domestic society has expanded to international society. In the future, the KSN's international academic conference further expand into a representative academic conference in the Asian-Pacific region. Moreover, I believe that the KRCP will be listed as an SCIE journal with a little more effort.

Fourth, the KSN will prepare for the future.
The KSN will establish courses and projects in growing medical fields such as ultrasound, transplantation and interventional nephrology, and actively challenge new research fields to include nephrology in future research fields of national projects. In addition, the KSN will open an opportunity for junior nephrologists to play an active part in the international arena.

Dear members of the KSN

The above mentioned goals are what I have always wanted to do for the KSN, and what we have to do for the next generation. I will devote myself to the development of the KSN and ask you for your active support and participation.

Chul Woo Yang, President of the Korean Society of Nephrology

Congress President Won Kim
Congress Vice-President Joo Hoon Lee
Yoon Chul Jung
Auditor Seung Jung Kim
President Chul Woo Yang
Secretary General Bum Soon Choi
Vice-Secretary General Gang Jee Ko
Byung Ha Chung
Jang-Hee Cho
Editor·in·Chief, Kidney Research and Clinical Practice Tae-Hyun Yoo
Director, the Scientific Programs Sang Ho Lee
Director, the External Affairs and Cooperation Beom Seok Kim
Sung Gyun Kim
Director, the Collaborative Studies Sang Heon Song
Director, the Clinical Practice Guidelines Kook-Hwan Oh
Director, the Training and Education Seungyeup Han
Sejoong Kim
Director, the KORDS Yong Kyun Kim
JongHa Park
Director, the Insurance and Legal Affairs Seok Joon Shin
Hyung Jong Kim
Seong Nam Kim
Treasurer Dong Ki Kim
Director, the Ethical Issues Byung-Chul Shin
Sung Hyun Son
Director, the Public Relation Eun Hui Bae
Director, the Dialysis Quality Assurance Young-Ki Lee
Ki Ryang Na
Jung Geon Lee
Director, the Planning Chan-Duck Kim
Director, at Large Kyung Pyo Kang
Hye Ryoun Jang
Won Min Hwang
Myung-Gyu Kim
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